The Language of the Fantastic Registration!  

Registration for our October 2013 Literary Festival will come out in August. In the meantime, you can go to Literary Festival 2013 for more information on the events and classes that’ll be held at the festival. Also, you can check out the visiting authors!

This what you have to look forward to:

Fiction and nonfiction workshops with Rick Bass and Melissa Pritchard

Science fiction and fantasy workshops with Daniel Abraham and Jim Van Pelt

Poetry workshops, fantastic and mythical, with David Rothman, Janice Gould, Luis Lopez, and in Spanish, Bella Clara Ventura

Four "Conversation with Writers" in panel format: "The MFA and Other Paths," "The Third Mind," "Building an Audience: the Whys, Hows & Whens of Submissions & Online Promotion," and "The Language of the Fantastic"

Friday night reading, Saturday night banquet and Sunday breakfest with writers, among other offerings.

If you are interested in donating to our Literary Festival or volunteering, you can contact Destiny Breckenridge at or Sandra Dorr at 


Poetry in the Streets 2013

Here's a location list of the latest poems we've put up, in downtown G.J. and the Botanic Gardens.   Thanks to the DDA and Art on the Corner for their help, and to the G.J. Commission on Arts and Culture for a grant that supported this project.  We couldn't do it without you!


“My Soul”                               Gertie Yamaguchi        “Two Souls, One Heart” sculpture, south                                                                                                Main, 7th to 8th St.

“I still feel homeless”               Stephanie Goode         “Share the Burden” sculpture, south Main

in front of Heirlooms for Hospice, 6-7th St.


“River City”                             Penelope Gallagher      “Divided by Dark Water,” South Main, 4th-5th                                                                                       Streets, in front of GV Books


 “Atlantic Canyon Solo”           Dave McWilliams        Eagle in front of post office, 5th St.


“The Melting”                         Linda Skinner              “Slow Dance” sculpture, south Main,

                                                                                    2nd to 3rd St., in front of Edward Jones


Mesa View Elementary poets:

“Blue”                                     Haley Strickland           “Redlands Eagle” sculpture, north Rood,

                                                                                    in front of Mesa County Courthouse                                      

 “My Soul”                              Ieshah Ausborne          “New Star” sculpture, west 7th St., between                                                                                               White  & Rood, near Century 21                              

 “I Remember”                        Biana Gifford               “Dancing Indian Woman,” south Main St.,                                                                                           between 4th & 5th Streets, by Culinary Corner                      

 “I Am River”                          Brooklyn Batchelor      Bot. Gardens, pedestal near North Channel                                                                                               river entrance

“If I Were”                              Abigail Price                “Horse & Rider,” North Main, 5-6th Sts.                                                                                                near Razzmatazz                                             

 “Pinyon Jay”                           Ashley Cruz                 “Flight,” south Colorado,6-7th Sts.                                                                                                       in front of Colorado Precision Printing

“If I Were”                              James Chandler            Bot. Gardens, pedestal across from                                                     amphitheatre   

“I Remember”                         Chloe Lee                    Bot. Gardens, pedestal near castle                                          

 “Spinning Wheels”                 Zach Harrison             “Arlo,” South Main, 3-4th Sts., Summit                                                                                                            Canyon           

 “Colorful Zachary Paul Dubose” Zachary Paul DuBose         “Bookworm,” Mesa County Court-

                                                                                                House, north Rood, 5-6th Sts.                          


Tope Elementary poets:

“The World”                           Billy Chen                    “The Secret Sharer,” north Colorado,

                                                                                    5th -6th St., east of Planet Earth                                    

“Football”                               Dante Pelletier             Bot. Gardens, pedestal near Castle                            

“The Black Fish”                     Grant McFarland         Unnamed sculpture of boy & girl, south                                                                                                Main., 3rd - 4th St., near Summit Canyon           

“Dream Interpretation”           Malia Young                “Dream Interpretation,” South Main, near                                                                                                Champion Boots, 5-6th Sts.                              

“Wind”                                    Maddison Mueller        “Brontosaurus,” south Main, 3-4th Sts.,                                                                                                            in front of Wells Fargo            

“The Wild Grapes”                  Zoey Stonestreet          “The Silly Fool/Aphrodite Rising,” SW                                                corner  of south Main & 3rd St.                       

 “My Inner Voice”                   Laney Laffler                Unnamed sculpture of woman, south Main,

                                                                                    3-4th Sts. between Le Rouge & cycle shop                                               

“When Spring Comes”            Ben Whiteside              Bot. Gardens, pedestal in Herb Garden           

“Winter Storm”                       Brandi Stevens             “Taos Matriarch,” south Main, 6-7th Sts.                                                                                                in front of Heirlooms for Hospice

 “My Name Is Rachel”             Rachel Collard             Unnamed white sculpture, south Main, 5-6th

                                                                                    Sts., near Brown’s Cycles


“Me The Monkey in the Family” George Gore “Leo” lion sculpture, south Main, 5-6th Sts.                                                                                          near Alida’s                             

“The Swans”                            Harmony Horzempa    Unnamed circular sculpture, North Main                                                                                                by splash pad, 5th St.                

“Silver Snakes in the River”     Logan MacLeod           Bot. Gardens, pedestal near Amphitheatre                                      

“I Come from My Soul”          Avery Beach Grethel    “Blue Note,” 7th & Main, near Avalon Theatre           

“No One’s Home”**               Anthony Rubino          “Chamelion,” south Colorado, near Shoeman,

                                                                                    4th – 5th Sts.


“Snow”                                    Garion Starr                Unnamed white sculpture, south Colorado,                                                                                             3-4th Sts., in front of Hotel Melrose



Deadline for signups on Pam Houston Rafting Trip is 04/30!

Heading Out

Download free flier here: pdf

 Come join us with author Pam Houston on a 4-day, 3-night adventure down a beloved section of the San Juan River, Mexican Hat to Clay Hills, known as "The Little Grand Canyon" for its sandstone colors.   It's a place of surreal beauty and warm water, with petroglyphs, old villages, and cave dwellings in a labyrinth of canyons, including the Moki Stairs, the Tabernacle and Second Narrows, Cedar Mesa, Cowboy Hat and Eagle Rock, and the Goosenecks of the San Juan, which zigzag over seven miles. Waterfalls and natural plunge pools to swim in, and beach camping under the desert stars. Daily writing sessions with Pam Houson at lunch, with group readings, questions and discussions around the campfire at night.  Paint wildflowers and canyons if you like, kayak or row or float through it all, striped with sun and shade, with stops to explore and to hike up enticing side canyons.

 Cost: $775 all inclusive (to hold a place, payments of $250 can each be made in February, March and April). For more information, email WCWF intern, Vanessa, at to register, and mail registration form (available for download here) with deposit to WCWF. 


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First "Junction Slam" and Free Performance Workshop at CMU 04/18 & 04/19


SE TH, from Denver, one of the best-known performance poets in Colorado, also beloved teacher, director and producer

Download the free flier here: PDF

Performance workshop will be at Colorado Mesa University in HOU 110 4-6:30 Thursday 4/18.  It's free and open to all student and adult writers who'd like to learn how to perform poetry or short flash fiction pieces under 3 minutes long.  Come and bring a piece of your own or another writers!  We'll have a signup sheet for the Grand Junction Slam at the workshop.

The Junction Slam will start at 8:30 p.m. Friday 4/19 at the Grand Junction Art Center 1803 N. 7’th St (corner of Orchard Ave. & 7th St).  Come to read or just hear the writers and SE TH's band, Art Compost and the Word Mechanics.  SE TH will perform first with his band, and the musicians will be available to back up all other slam readers.  Expect the band to also break into rounds of dance music during slam breaks, so bring your dancing shoes.

$10 adults/$5 high school and college students. For information or to sign up to read, email WCWF intern Vanessa Nielson,


TRTC’s 3rd annual Karen Chamberlain Poetry Festival